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Ultra Group, one of the most prominent organizations was launched more than a decade ago to aware people about their purchasing behavior.  With huge investment in scheduled research, company is able to settle key finding by distributing its number of associate office for the aggressive and innovative marketing strategy to address valued personal requirements. The premise behind launching was to eliminate any kind of exploitation to the valued customer for their wise investment and obviously to generate profit along with the objective of creating job for the unemployed & serving its customer by taking it as a top most priority. The company had stood itself outstanding on highly competitive market due to its effective market policy in terms of service, quality and performance which directly helps to win the trust & faith of the customer resulting in encouraging growth of the company.

  • SOLARLAND- Photovoltaic

    Photovoltaic or PV, technology uses solar cells arrayed on panels to capture sunlight and convert it into electricity or heat. PV technology is used for a wide range of power needs, from small items such as calculators and watches to large applications for satellites, homes and businesses.

  • I-VOLT

    I-Volt solar tubular battery is designed for deep cycle and quick recharge ability. The capacity range of I-Volt solar tubular batteries is from 10Ah to 200Ah with guarrenteed performance.


    Ultra Solar Energy provides with high quality and better performance SOLARLAND LED lights.




    One of the best brands of evacuated vacuum tube technology dealt in Nepal with three target vacuum technology with food grade stainless steel tank, which does not deteriorate the quality of the water. Comes with reflector and electrical heating rod for the backup during cloudy days.


    Economical stainless steel, evacuated vacuum tube technology solar water heating system. Including reflector and electric heating rod for the backup purpose during cloudy days.


    Conventional flat-plate technology system. Comes in both local-made and impoted collectors. More durable than the evacuated vacuum tube systems.


    Economical vacuum tube technology solar water heating system. Comes with both, with and without electrical backup system and reflector.


    Economical Vacuum tube technology solar water heating system. Comes with both, with and without electrical backup system and reflector.