Solar water pumping system mainly consists of following components:

Solar Module: Solar modules are used to produce DC electricity to operate DC solar motors directly.

Solar pumping inverter/controller: If AC motor is used then inverter is needed to convert DC electricity received for PV module into AC electricity. Output AC electricity from inverter is then finally used to operate AC motors. If DC motor is used then DC electricity from PV module is directly used to operate DC solar motor in the presence of various controller.

Pump: Water pump is used to lift or move water from one location to another. DC pump is used if the supply electricity is DC otherwise AC pump is used with inverters.

Apart form above components, various protective equipment like DC fuse, DC circuit breaker are used in solar pumping system

Advantage of Solar Pumping System

  1. Auto-operation, labor free
  2. Suitable to all kinds of pumps, including three-phase AC pumps,single-phase AC pumps and DC pumps
  3. Wide range of input voltage, suitable to different PV modules Modular design, easy to maintain International advanced components, safe and reliable.
  4. Solar and mains power hybrid, 24 hours operation Remote control and monitor Customized solutions

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