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ULTRA GROUP (UG) is a conglomerate business facilitator since 1997. Now, it has expanded its business comprising several renowned international brands in Renewable Energy, Home appliances, IT & Electronics, Pumping solutions, power systems, and much more...

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We have built enviable reputation in all the consumer goods, heavy industry, hightech & manufacturing.


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“Ultra Group” focuses on the customer awareness as it is part of the company’s marketing..

About Our Company

Enhancing The Life Style With Quality Products & Services

ULTRA GROUP, one of the most prominent organizations which was launched more than a decade ago with huge investment in research & development. The ambition behind launching was to eliminate kind of exploitation to the valued customer for their expert investment and obviously to generate profit along with the objective to create job for qualified resources taking valued customer as a top most priority.

Your Satisfaction Is Our ConcernWe believe that “Customer satisfaction is a key and valued outcome of good marketing practice”. This is our principle purpose of a business is to create satisfied customers. Increasing customer satisfaction has been found to lead to higher future profitability, lower costs related to defective goods and services, increased buyer willingness to pay price premiums, provide referrals, and use more of the product, and higher levels of customer retention and loyalty.

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  • Phone: +977 1 4117043, +977 1 4117143
  •  info@ultragroup.com.np
  • United World Trade Center, 1st & 2nd Floor, Tripureshwor kathmandu.

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Enhancing The Life Style With Quality Product & Services

Enhancing The Life Style With Quality Product & Services

The main motive of the company is to enhance the life style of the people in Nepal. As Nepal has a high potential of renewable energy sources, the company utilizes the sources for the benefit of the people. The main […]
Best Renewable Energy Company In The Nation

Best Renewable Energy Company In The Nation

ULTRA GROUP can proudly say that it is the best renewable energy company throughout the Nepal. The company believes in customer satisfaction more than anything. The international brand partners are highly reliable and are the best companies in renewable energy. […]
Our Highly Qualified And Dedicated Team Members

Our Highly Qualified And Dedicated Team Members

Our team comprises highly qualified and experienced personnel in each sector of the department. The HR department has recruited all the staffs on the basis of their qualification, skills, qualities, and their perception towards the company and its goals. The company hire […]